If you are consistently breaking 80, then you're considered a low-handicap golfer. Low-handicappers often look for golf balls that offer a good balance of distance, spin, and control to help fine-tune their game. Here are ten golf balls that are commonly recommended for low-handicap players:

  1. Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x: These balls are a favorite among many low-handicap and professional players due to their great blend of distance, spin, and feel.

  2. Callaway Chrome Soft X: The Chrome Soft X offers high spin around the greens and lower spin off the tee for distance.

  3. TaylorMade TP5 or TP5x: These five-layer balls offer both distance off the tee and a high spin rate for shots around the green.

  4. Srixon Z-Star or Z-Star XV: These balls offer a balance of distance and spin, with a focus on greenside control.

  5. Bridgestone Tour B X or Tour B XS: The Tour B series is designed for low-handicap golfers seeking optimal balance between distance and greenside control.

  6. Mizuno RB Tour or RB Tour X: These balls are designed to provide exceptional greenside performance and control, along with great distance.

  7. Wilson Staff Model: This urethane-covered ball offers excellent spin rates for superior control around the greens.

  8. Vice Pro Plus: This four-piece ball with a urethane cover provides a great balance of distance and control.

  9. Callaway Tour iS: This ball offers a blend of distance and control with its multilayer construction.

  10. Snell MTB-X: This ball is known for its distance off the tee, spin around the greens, and lower price point compared to other tour-level balls.

It's always a good idea to try out several types of golf balls to see which work best for your particular style of play and the course conditions you typically face. Please note, golf ball technology is continuously improving, and new models are released every year, so always check for the latest releases and reviews.