Choosing the right golf ball when you're a high-handicap player or a beginner can greatly affect your game. Generally, you should look for balls that provide more distance and are more forgiving on off-center hits. Here are some golf balls that could be suitable:

  1. Titleist DT TruSoft: Known for its soft compression feel, providing good distance, and having a forgiving nature on off-center hits.

  2. Callaway Supersoft: A very soft golf ball that's easy to hit and provides good distance.

  3. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft: This ball offers a soft feel and great distance, and it's very affordable.

  4. Srixon Soft Feel: As the name suggests, this ball provides a soft feel and good distance.

  5. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite: It's designed to balance a soft feel with maximum distance.

  6. Bridgestone e6 Soft: This ball offers a soft feel, straight flight, and good distance.

  7. Callaway Warbird: It's designed for maximum distance with a softer feel.

  8. TaylorMade Distance Plus: Offers excellent distance and durability at a budget-friendly price.

  9. Pinnacle Soft: Known for a high-energy core for explosive distance and soft feel.

  10. Volvik Crystal: Offers a soft feel with low spin for maximum distance. Its bright colors also make it easy to find.

Remember, the "best" golf ball can vary greatly from player to player. It's always a good idea to try a few different balls to see which ones feel and perform the best for you. Additionally, golf ball technology continues to evolve, so newer models might have come onto the market, always check for the latest releases and reviews.