Women who are high-handicap golfers or beginners often benefit from balls that prioritize distance and have a lower compression, providing a softer feel. Here are some of the best golf balls for women that meet these criteria:

  1. Callaway Supersoft Magna: This golf ball is larger than standard golf balls, making it easier to hit. It's designed for high launch and long distance.

  2. Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept: This is the softest Bridgestone golf ball made, and it's designed for women who prioritize feel and distance.

  3. Srixon Soft Feel Lady: This ball provides a soft feel and maximum distance, and it's available in several colors.

  4. Titleist Velocity: Made for high flight and great distance, this ball is a good choice for beginners and high handicappers.

  5. TaylorMade Kalea: This ball is designed to provide a high launch, optimal spin, and increased distance.

  6. Volvik Crystal: This golf ball is a three-piece low compression golf ball designed to provide extra distance and a greater flight time.

  7. Wilson Staff DUO Soft Optix: With a soft feel and low compression, this ball is designed for distance and comes in a variety of bright colors for visibility.

  8. Callaway Reva: Designed especially for women golfers to get maximum distance through increased ball speed from high swing speeds.

  9. Pinnacle Soft: Known for a high-energy core for explosive distance and soft feel, designed to be a lower-spin ball that maximizes distance.

  10. Precept Lady iQ Plus: It has a soft feel and is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds requiring less spin.

The "best" golf ball can depend heavily on your specific skill set, swing speed, and overall game style. Always try out a few options to see what works best for your game.