Breaking 90 consistently means you've moved beyond beginner status and might benefit from a golf ball that provides a balance of distance, feel, and control. Here are ten golf balls that you might find beneficial:

  1. Titleist Pro V1: A favorite among many golfers, this ball offers a great blend of distance, spin, and feel.

  2. Callaway Chrome Soft: This ball provides a high spin rate around the greens for control and a low spin rate off the tee for distance.

  3. TaylorMade TP5: Known for its 5-layer construction, this ball provides a great blend of distance, spin, and feel.

  4. Srixon Z-Star: This ball offers excellent greenside spin for enhanced control, as well as distance off the tee.

  5. Bridgestone Tour B RX: Designed for golfers seeking the optimal balance of distance and control.

  6. Wilson Staff Model: This four-piece, urethane-covered golf ball delivers balanced performance with a focus on feel and control.

  7. Mizuno RB 566V: Known for its unique 566 micro-dimple design, which helps increase the time of flight for more control.

  8. Titleist Tour Soft: This ball offers a good balance of soft feel, distance, and control.

  9. Vice Pro: This urethane-covered, three-piece golf ball offers a good balance of distance and control at a lower price point than some other premium balls.

  10. Callaway ERC Soft: This ball combines longer distance and a soft feel, which may be beneficial for mid-handicappers.

Remember, the "best" golf ball will depend on your specific style of play, your strengths, and what areas you're looking to improve in. Try out a few of these options and see which one works best for you.