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5 Dozen Golf Balls

Golfers all go through a lot of balls on the golf course. At, we can save you money by providing used golf balls at a fraction of the price that you would pay for new golf balls – sometimes up to 80% less! And you can save even more money by buying our 5 Dozen Golf Ball Specials.

Get Free Personalization on all (5A) Pristine grade golf balls. Gift note and custom packaging also available.

You'll get 60 golf balls that have been cleaned, sterilized, and carefully sorted according to grade quality. When you buy a 5 Dozen Special, you can choose between Mint (5A) and Near Mint (4A) quality balls (and even Good (3A), for some models), as well as by brand, model, and even production year, in many cases.

So save your money and buy a 5 Dozen Special.