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Titleist Velocity

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The Titleist Velocity golf ball deliver fast initial ball speed off the tee and playable feel in the short game. The Velocity utilizes LSX core technology to produce a high-speed core encased in a NaZ2 cover formulation with a 332 icosahedral dimple design. All of this combines to give this ball a huge distance advantage and pin-point accuracy.Titleist designed the Velocity to be a longer ball for all golfers. It contains the fastest solid core of any previous Titleist ball, resulting in unparalleled explosive distance. And the dimple design is also unique. Featuring a high-surface coverage, the dimple design of the Velocity golf ball delivers a consistent ball flight. And around the green, you won't sacrifice any feel. It's the perfect all-around ball for your game. This may contain a mixture of year models.
Product ratings
As described.
Like new golf balls at great price
Out of a batch on 60 balls I found 3 or 4 balls which did not conform to your 5A standard. The rest appear to be of high quality.
ordered. All but 1 ball look good
just as expected
I have not played them yet. I am hoping they live up to the reviews
This the 3rd time I’ve bought balls from the website. Upon opening them I found 3 x- outs. I wasn’t pleased with those
I have experimented with just about every golf ball over the last two years and the Titleist Velocity is as long or longer than the claimed "long ball" competition. I play two to three times a week on my home course and pretty well know what my best shots are and these match previous best distance and not complaints on short game performance.
I was pleased with these balls. 10 of the 12 looked like they were brand new. The other two were still in good shape and certainly playable
good products, good service.
Real good ball.
PERFECT... unlike the competition which promotes as perfect with no logo and arrive less than perfect with logo!!
5 of the 60 balls didn't rate 5A, but those are probably the one i loose anyway! I would buy from them again
I was not impressed with the 5A golf balls I received. You could tell many of them were aged. They were not terrible, but not what I would classify as 5A
Received order In a timely manner, would recommend.
Have used this product before am happy with this product.
Just need the snow to melt so i can hit them
Long ball for slow swing speed.
These we advertised as grade A condition. I have better balls in my shag bag.
the ball are golf balls
Exactly the way u stated. Balls r all but perfect. Thank u
Very clean balls and of the expected quality.
Just like new balls. I would buy more again immediately except they are out of stock!
The balls I checked visually were as good as new. Zero flaws. Northern golfers are waiting impatiently for the start of the season: all I have been able to do is a "bounce" test against last year's Velocity balls -- equal or slightly better.

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