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Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1X SECONDS Mix

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These balls are all almost perfectly reconditioned and are cosmetically gorgeous. They are a mix of various generations of Pro V1 and Pro V1X golfballs that were Refurbished in a factory in North America and were pulled as Seconds off the line.

These balls may have tiny cuts or small tiny creases in the skin and don't quite make the grade as a perfect refurbished golf ball. There are many ones you could use in play and some will be good for practice. They are no worse than a ball that has been used for a round or two, but they all look great. If you are a very low handicapper or obsessed with using a perfect new ball all the time these balls are not for you.

But for the majority of golfers, these are great savings and are in high demand. We only put these on sale twice a year and when we do they sell out very quickly. Get yours today!

Product ratings
great only a few with bad cuts all and all great
This product was better than I expected.
good so far
Fun unloaded design to personalize
Very satisfied with the product.
12 of the 36 have cuts in cover and can only be used for practice.
As expectedly

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5A NO LOGO / AAAAA / 1st Quality / Mint Recycled Golf Balls

The Mint No Logo recycled golf balls means they have no player markings or team or corporate logos. They are virtually new in appearance and will feel and play similar to a new golf ball with no scuff marks or blemishes. These golf balls have been sold through all the top retailers in North America and are loved by golfers nationwide. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Our Refinished golf balls appear with no player markings or team or corporate logos. They are new in appearance and will feel and play similar to a new golf ball. These used & refinished balls were processed via one or more of the following steps: stripping, painting, stamping, and/or clear coating. These balls has not been endorsed or approved by the original manufacturer and do not fall under the original manufacturer’s warranty. We believe strongly in this product, standing behind them 100%. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

5A / AAAAA / 1st Quality / Mint Recycled Golf Balls

These balls have the gloss and appearance of a new golf ball. You will be thrilled with the performance and feel of these balls as if they came new out of a box. Please note that some balls may have a small logo or minor ink spot that does not affect the performance of the ball. This grade is ideal for the serious golfer and is also known as "Mint", "Perfect" "Pearl" or "AAAAA". This grade will likely contain some balls with Logos unless item is marked NO LOGO. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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