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Refinished Golf Balls offers used golf balls to the golfing public in 2 categories. Recycled golf balls and Refinished golf balls.

What’s the Difference? Not much!

Recycled Golf Balls are similar to eggs. They are washed, brand and type sorted and then graded by color and cover condition. The recycled balls are sorted into Mint No Logo, Mint, Grade A and Grade B condition so the consumer can choose the quality and price point they wish to purchase.

Factory Refinished Golf Balls are taken to the next step. If a golf ball is 100% intact with no cover abrasions or cuts but is just cosmetically stained, then we refinish some of these golf balls. We only refinish top end golf balls as this process is expensive. This process is done in a golf ball manufacturing facility that has been manufacturing golf balls for over 80 years in the USA. This process enhances the cosmetics of the ball so it appears and performs similar to a new ball without any significant depreciation in performance.

It is important to note that during the refinishing process we do not and cannot repair golf balls. If the golf balls have any abrasions in the cover due to cart path, tree or scrape marks they are discarded.

Did You Know: Factory Refinished golf balls have been formally accepted by the USGA. Rule 5-1/4 of the USGA rule book states that “it is permissible for such a ball to be used”. So there you have it, Refinished golf balls are permissible in tournament play!

Get Free Personalization on all (5A) Pristine grade golf balls. Gift note and custom packaging also available.

Please Note: By law all refinished balls have a small "Refinished" printed on one pole of the ball. We understand that the customer does not like the word Refinished printed on the ball, so we have enhanced the word refinished with the three desirable aiming tools to improve your golf game. The T-Line, The Triple line and our default Straight Line, this is done at no extra cost to you!

Note: Used / refurbished golf balls are subject to performance variations from new ones. These used / refurbished balls were processed via one or more of the following steps: stripping. Painting, stamping and / or clear coating in the Factory. This product has not been endorsed or approved by the original manufacturer and the balls do not fall under the original manufacturer’s warranty. However, we believe so strongly in our product that we stand them behind it 100%.